Advancing Enough for All

With affordability and inflation top of mind for many in 2022, VCC continued work advocating, educating and mobilizing

7 June 2023

Challenges, Renewed Connection and Progress

Creating a city where poverty cannot exist is an ambitious goal. But, it's one that Enough for All strives for. 2022 really tested us though. Another year of record inflation and really high food and energy costs, limited rental vacancies and the lack of affordable housing pushed more and more people to desperate situations. We haven't seen the numbers yet, but we know that poverty is increasing in our city.

With all its challenges, 2022 was also a year of renewed connection and along with that, progress. We were out in the community, attending more events and connecting with more people and organizations. Collaborative work in policy spheres led to some significant funding announcements. Whether the changes are long-term remains to be seen, but what we do know is we convened, mobilized and advocated and made some incredible gains.

Systemic change takes time and even though these unprecedented times make progress hard to measure, each gain gets us closer to a city where poverty can't exist. Take a look below at the collective progress we made towards Enough for All in 2022.

Collaborating for Change

Enough for All Champions are organizations that are working to reduce poverty in our city. Every organization in Calgary has the potential to link to the poverty reduction strategy in some way, whether through clear alignments in organizational mandates, an organization that actively pays employees a living wage or an organization that is community-minded and is working to contribute and act as an agent of change. E4A Champions are at the heart of the poverty reduction strategy and they work alongside VCC to collectively make a difference in our city.

Partners in Enough for All

The Enough for All strategy is implemented in partnership with the community and supported and funded by: The City of Calgary, United Way of Calgary and Area and Momentum.

Community well-being project

In 2022, we kicked off a project with the goal of supplementing typical income-based data and poverty metrics to paint a clearer picture of the path we need to take to improve poverty in Calgary. VCC collaborated with 12 leading experts on nine domains of well-being. The report is now shaping the work we're doing in 2023