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189,000 Calgarians are living in poverty. It's a complex issue that won't solve itself, so we need to act now. Businesses, charities, networks, and Calgarians need to come together and take decisive action to end poverty in our city. Enough for All Champions are making a real difference in Calgary.

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reduced annual interest rates on payday loans.


RESPs created for youth.


people engaged at community hub locations across the city.


Enough for All Champions help improve the lives of Calgarians by working to reduce poverty in Calgary. Creating a line of sight between action and impact, poverty reduction efforts are captured in the annual Enough for All evaluation, demonstrating how we’re moving the needle on poverty reduction in Calgary. As a key contributor to the poverty reduction strategy, we work together to tackle the root causes of poverty while building public awareness.

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Let’s end poverty in Calgary once and for all. Join us and make change that lasts in our community.

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