Working to inform the development of public policy

Informing public policy changes

VCC believes that efforts to reduce poverty must be collective, strategic, evidence-based, and focused on systems change. We advance policy through community-based research and collaboration with Enough for All Champions. Our thoughtful, balanced analysis of policy works to build the capacity of Enough for All Champions and equip them with the tools and insights needed to advocate for change. VCC’s policy work and research employs a systems lens that considers the lived experiences of those impacted and focuses on the root causes of poverty. Below we have a listing of our community-based research.

Research and Publications

VCC has published research on a variety of topics. Expand the items below to learn about our work.

Collaborating for change

The Calgary Social Policy Collaborative (SPC) is a group of community organizations committed to working together to inform the development and implementation of public policy that improves the economic and social well-being of Albertans.