CUPS Calgary is a not-for-profit organization that works with individuals impacted by poverty, trauma, and systemic marginalization. We provide a truly integrated approach by offering housing and economic supports, health services, and child and family development resources. CUPS' statement of purpose, "Navigate complexities. Create change. Together," articulates our unique and aspirational reason for being, and challenges us to take a broader view. We recognize the urgent need to address the root causes of poverty and trauma that create intergenerational cycles of harm. These root causes are complex, entrenched and interdependent. Taking what we have learned through nearly 35 years of experience, research, and collaboration in our community, we seek to create change in systems that marginalize. Our unique approach empowers people to improve their well-being. As a formative presence, we work together to build better systems and a stronger community. This ambition statement articulates a long-term goal to be a formative presence: to step up and take the lead when we are best positioned to do. Our culture is the embodiment of our values, shared beliefs, and collective aspirations that shape every facet of our operations as we pursue our purpose. Dignity, accountability, collaboration, and continuous learning are more than just words on paper—these values influence every interaction, decision, and initiative we undertake. This foundation supports dynamic, effective teams, creates a safe and welcoming environment for clients, and builds trust with the community that supports us and our work.