Literacy is a necessary skill for every Albertan to thrive in their work

We spoke to the Canada West Foundation's Janet Lane about her recent study about literacy in Alberta

5 September 2023

Literacy skills are a necessity in the changing job environment and low literacy can have adverse effects such as finding employment, securing housing or accessing programs. We spoke to Janet Lane, Director of the Canada West Foundation's Human Capital Centre, about the importance of literacy education in Alberta, how a country doesn't become richer after it educates its people but because it does, and how Alberta students are doing. Check out the video below.

Life is hard when you can't read

For one in five Albertans who have faced literacy challenges since childhood, these all important words are left unread, leaving many of life’s best experiences left unknown. Little experiences like reading a ridiculous meme — and big experiences like finishing school. The pattern of words left unread slowly turns into a person with a life unlived, and all those chances untaken. Like the chance to read the offer for that big promotion. Or to write down your innermost thoughts. We want all children to have those chances. The chance for a life lived to the fullest. We want no child to be left unread.