Enough For All: A Community-Driven Strategy

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  • Vision

    We live in a community where there is enough for all.

  • Mission

    We will create opportunities to align and leverage the work of hundreds of organizations and thousands of Calgarians to reduce poverty in our city.


  • Promoting shared leadership

  • Engaging voices of people with lived experience in poverty

  • Focusing on dignity of all

  • Increasing multi-sectoral engagement

  • Employing trauma-informed approaches

  • Mobilizing awareness and empathy of inter-generational trauma

  • Reducing racism and discrimination and promoting diversity in our practices

  • Offering relevant, accessible and timely services and supports

  • Implement the 94 calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission



To achieve its three primary goals, Enough for All includes 10 Levers of Change that represent specific areas of focus that must be addressed if we are to reduce poverty in Calgary. These Levers of Change surfaced during consultations with Calgarians and in research into other poverty reduction efforts across Canada. Each Lever of Change has also been aligned with the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Everyone engaged in the strategy’s implementation must consider how these Levers of Change may express themselves uniquely for Indigenous people, women, youth, seniors, newcomers and refugees, and LGBTQ2S people in our community.

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Key Partners

In January 2015, under a four year agreement between The City of Calgary, the United Way of Calgary & Area, Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC), and Momentum, stewardship of the Enough for All strategy moved from the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative Secretariat within The City of Calgary to VCC.

In May 2019, a three-year agreement was signed by The City of Calgary, the United Way of Calgary and Area, Momentum, and VCC to mark the continued implementation of the strategy in partnership with the community and jointly supported and funded by The City of Calgary and United Way of Calgary and Area. VCC continues as the backbone organization stewarding the implementation of the strategy.